Buyer's Fees

Sale Price       Buyer Fee

0- 249                  $70

250-499              $95

500-999              $125

1000-1999         $150

2000-3999         $175

4000-9999         $195

10,000-& UP       $225


How To Buy A Vehicle.


Bring your Drivers License to our Buyer Registration Window in our main hallway.

You will be given a Buyer Card and a Copy of the Rules.

The Buyer Registration Window is only open on Friday night at 5:00 pm. 

We accept cash, checks, Visa & MasterCard Debit and Credit Cards.


Please provide us with a copy of your Dealer License, Banking Information, and a copy of Drivers License of all owners and representatives.

We accept Automotive Finance Corporation, NextGear Capital, City Auto Finance, Floor Plan Xpress and CarBucks for financing options. (For Dealers Only!)

Click on the button below, print out the document, fill it out and fax back to our office (870) 935-2631 or email to  We will get you registered!