How to sell a vehicle.

To sell a vehicle call as early as Monday morning 8:00 am to reserve a number.

A Lane - All Cars

T Lane - Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Jeeps, Buses, El Caminos, etc.

R Lane - Bank Repossessions, Lease Cars, New Car Trades

C Lane - Finance Co. Repos, Lease Vehicles, New Car Trades, Specialty Vehicles (Boats, Campers, Antiques, etc. anything that drives or rolls through auction).

Bring your vehicle to be checked in and then come to the office to do your paperwork.  Bring your title if you have it.

When you sell your vehicle, we will deduct a commission from your sale price and issue you a check.  If you bring your title that night, you will receive your check after it sells.  If you do not bring your title that night, you have two weeks to provide us with a title, and you will receive your check when we receive the title.

Commission Rates:

Sale Price          Commission

0 - 249                 $55

250-499              $75

500-999              $100

1000-1999         $125

2000-2999         $135

3000-3999         $145

4000-4999         $155

5000-5999         $165

6000-6999         $175

7000-7999         $185

8000-8999         $195

9000-9999         $205

10,000-14,999   $225

15,000-19,999   $265

20,000-24,999   $305

25,000-& up       $345